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My name is Lindsey, and I am the founder of LAZ Cosmetics.† When I began experimenting with making my own bath and body products, I had no intention of selling them.† My mom had been diagnosed with cancer, which led me to do a LOT of research and reading.† What I found completely shocked me.† There was conclusive evidence that many of the ingredients used in cosmetics are toxic, including ingredients found in ďall naturalĒ products.† Ingredients known to cause cancer, dementia, and many other horrible side effects.


I didnít want my mom to be using these products, and I certainly didnít want to use them, so I decided to try my hand at making my own products.† I started with a simple Lavender Balm, and took off from there.


I really enjoyed learning about all the different ingredients I could use, and the benefits of essential oils.† My love of chemistry mixed with my love of working in the kitchen came in when I had to actually experiment and come up with recipes.† To this day I still love learning new things about the ingredients I use, being introduced to new ingredients, and coming up with new recipes.†


Well, as you can probably guess, my friends and family started getting their hands on my products, and everyone loved what I had to offer.† They encouraged me to start selling to the public, and here I am today.


LAZ Cosmetics is an independently owned business.† We make all of out products by hand, and in small batches to ensure the highest quality.† We strive to maintain healthy and ecological practices, and are committed to working towards protecting the planet and itís inhabitants.

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