Our Commitment

On average, Americans use 10 personal care products per day, exposing themselves to approximately 130 unique chemical ingredients. 


Major loopholes in the federal law allow the American cosmetics industry to put unlimited amounts of chemicals, such as heavy metals, parabens, petrochemicals, and phthalates, into personal care products.  There is no required testing, no monitoring of health effects, and inadequate labeling requirements.  Many of these chemicals are known toxins and are linked to cancer, birth defects, infertility and other health problems. 


Your skin is your biggest organ, and it is permeable, so when you use these products you are exposing your body to toxic chemicals.  These chemicals are not necessary in the production of personal care products, and we at LAZ Cosmetics believe that every person should have the option to use healthier products that do not contain these ingredients. 


It is our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality, all natural products.  We work in small batches for the best quality control, and are continually trying to improve our recipes.  LAZ Cosmetics are made using Organic, Food Grade, Local and Fair Trade ingredients.  Our products are only scented with the highest grade organic essential oils; no synthetic fragrances, fragrance oils, or synthetic chemicals are ever used in our processes.  It is our commitment to our customers that we provide quality products that will serve all of their needs. 



Feedback From Our Customers

“I had a bug bite on my foot that spread to be as big as my entire foot.  Huge, massive, very itchy and uncomfortable.  I used LAZ Bug Bite Res-Q and now it’s back down to a normal size bug bite.  And while I was sitting there I used my LAZ Peppermint Foot Res-Q, I LOVE this product!!  So nice and easy to put on.”               - Naz, New York, October 16, 2011


“I love LAZ’s Lavender Mist.  I spray it every morning on our beds and every night I spray it on my girls’ bed to send them into dreamland!  And the Sugar Scrub is miraculous!!” - Kristina, Morton Grove


“I love your Lavender Soap!” - Avi, New York


“The dry heat mixed with the cold air and the weather changes really messed up my skin, particularly my lips, which have been extremely chapped.  I started using LAZ’s Hempermint Lip Balm.  I have a stick at work, a stick in my purse, and a stick in my night stand.  I love how soothing it feels and how soft my lips are.  And when my lips are super chapped, I use my LAZ Lip-Saver Balm.”



LAZ Cosmetics are made with only the highest quality ingredients, and we try to use Organic and Fair Trade whenever possible.  Our products are only scented with pure essential oils.  No synthetic fragrances, fragrance oils, or synthetic chemicals are ever used in our processes. 

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